High School Program at Trilogy School

Students in high school at Trilogy have several options for instruction:

I. Transition Ninth Grade

This curriculum is designed for students who may not quite ready for high school. They will take a combination of high school courses as well as extensions of their eighth grade courses. Accelerated students may also take high school courses in tier eighth grade year.

II. Part time High School Courses

High School courses may be taught individually to students currently enrolled in another private or public high school as approved by the special needs department at the high school. These courses are taught as the need and demand occurs. Courses taught at Trilogy include:

English I, II, III, & IV
College Writing
Creative Writing
Algebra I, II, III, Pre-Calculus
Spanish I, II, III
Civics and Economics
U.S. History (to 1900)
U.S. History (1900-present)
World History
Environmental Science
Earth Science
Physical Science
Forensic Science
Financial Literacy
On-line course- Brigham Young U.
Senior Seminar

Since Trilogy is accredited by AdvancEd, grades for our courses transfer to the base school as is. Trilogy provides a transcript for college admission to colleges.

Full time High School Courses

The Trilogy School honors two Wake County Public School Future Ready Core Tracks: Future Ready Core Career Prep and Future Ready Core College/ University Prep. Course Requirements for graduation are as follows:

College Tech Prep College/University Prep
Courses Credits Courses Credits

Math 3 Math 4*
English 4 English 4
History 4 History 4
Science 3 Science 3
Foreign Language 0 Foreign Language 2-3
Health/PE 1 Health/PE 1
Electives 6 Electives 6
21-22* 23-24*

*flexibility in hours allow for a possible failure of an elective course. Failure of a required course (core) results in attending summer school. Students must pass a national standardized test at a certain level of proficiency prior to graduation. (Iowa Assessment)

*Students not going to a UNC system university may take another math sequence.

*The Trilogy School follows the traditional schedule, but block courses are designed in some cases when possible.