Monthly Archives: January 2014

Let the Hunting Begin!


The students had quite a surprise awaiting them this morning when they arrived at school! Alex O’Neal, a former Trilogy School student and now an honor roll student at a local high school, completed his Eagle Scout project at Trilogy this weekend. He graciously built a treasure mine structure to hold fossils and shark’s teeth mined in Aurora, NC, for the students to dig and explore on the Trilogy School playground.

Students will enjoy sifting through the sand and finding artifacts to research. Alex also gave students laminated cards they can use to identify the types of fossils and shark’s teeth they find. Trilogy appreciates Alex, his family, and the other Scouts who helped with this educational and fun project.

Rock Climbing

Friday was a special day for all the elementary and middle school students: they got to “spend” their hard earned Trilogy money on a fun and adventurous field trip to the Triangle Rock Club.  At the facility the students were challenged to climb professionally-designed walls with expert help from the staff.  It was a blast!

imageAfter being fitted for a harness and going over the safety rules, the kids were ready for their rock climbing  adventure. Most were nervous about the first climb but found the challenge exciting. One student commented, “I was clinging for my life, but then I realized that I was safe and this was going to be fun!”  Soon everyone was climbing the walls and testing their own courage by trying more difficult courses. No doubt it was the perfect way for the students to celebrate all of their hard work over the first semester!


Exams Start Next Week


It’s time to get out those books and pencils; midterm exams start next Tuesday, January 14.  The schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday:  1st and 4th period exams
  • Wednesday:  2nd and 5th period exams
  • Thursday:  3rd and 6th period exams
  • Friday:  exam make-up day

Good luck to all the high school students!