And You Are?

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Is that you, Blanche? Magnum, P.I.?  Could that be the cast of Grey’s Anatomy? Both the staff and students had a blast dressing up as their favorite tv characters for Spirit Week.

Centennial Celebration


Students and faculty came to school today dressed as 100-year-old versions of themselves in celebration of the 100th day of school.  Each student collected 100 items and brought them to school for the big day.  They also enjoyed creative snacks in celebration of this milestone.

Easy as 1…2…3…


Today Mrs. Ashby’s writing classes presented their instructional speeches to their peers. The students learned essential dog care tips, how to perfect a hockey wrist shot, and how to ride a Segway, among other interesting, creative topics.   Everyone had something to share…and learn!

Climb On!

Today the elementary and middle students got to enjoy a fun, unforgettable field trip to the Triangle Rock Club in Morrisville.   These lucky students earned the privilege to participate in this event through hard work at school, so they were ready to let loose when they arrived at the facility.


After they were fitted with harnesses and had a brief lesson, they were able to enjoy the multiple walls the club offered.  Many were first time climbers but all were successful.  Some students even made it to the top ledge of one of the most difficult walls.  It was a great experience for everyone!


A Field Trip to Remember



Today the the elementary students enjoyed Frozen: Disney on Ice at the PNC Center. Everyone had a great time seeing their favorite characters and doing the Snowman Dance! A huge thank you to Sharon Kenan for organizing the fun trip.